Ross Geller

Ross Geller is the brother of Monica. He is a paleontologist with his Ph.D. and works at a museum. He was divorced by his wife who found out, or realised that she actually was a lesbian. She was pregnant and gave birth to Ben (Ross's son) at the end of the first season. Both Carol (Ross's ex-wife) and Susan (Carol's wife) wanted Ross to be a part of raising the child despite the fact that he doesn't get along with Susan. Ross is very precise in what he says and is a bit shy.
Ross has been in love with Monica's best friend/roommate Rachel since high school. At the end of the first season, Ross decided that he was just wasting his time trying to get Rachel and started dating Julie (he knew her in grad-school and they re-met in China). Once he found out that Rachel actually liked him, he dumped Julie only he messed up with Rachel. However, Ross & Rachel got over that and started dating. They eventually broke up when Rachel was spending too much time at
work and Ross thought she was cheating on him with Mark and....well things just didn't work out anymore. Last season Ross met Emily Waltham whom he almost got married to but then broke up when Ross said Rachel's name at the altar. Rachel & Ross recently got married...drunk...

Ross had a pet monkey named Marcel. Ross gave him away so he (marcel) could concentrate on starting a movie career. Ross is around 30 years old.

David Schwimmer

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