Rachel Greene

Rachel Greene, at the begining of 'Friends' never had a job and always lived off of her dad's money. When the series began, she had just left her to-be husband Barry, who was an orthodontist. She got bored of him and went to the only friend she could think of, Monica. She is getting to know the city and fell in love with an Italian man named Paolo. He could not speak English very well. She dumped him later when her hit on Phoebe. For the whole first season, Ross had a crush on her and when Chandler spilled the beans, Rachel to go for it. However, by that time Ross had found a new girlfriend. When Rachel went on a date with another guy (not Ross) she got drunk and left a message on Ross' answering machine saying that she was over him. When Ross got the message, he chose to dump Julie for Rachel. Rachel however, found a list that Ross was working on that had
all the negative things Ross thought about her on it. She turned away from him but they got over that and got together but then they broke up. Then they called each other names and well hated each other. When Ross was getting married to his latest flame Emily, Rachel found out she still had feelings for him. She went to London to tell Ross that she loves him but ended up saying congratulations. When Ross was saying the vows, he said Rachel's name instead of Emily's. Now they got drunk in Las Vegas and got married...
Rachel lives with Monica. She used to work at the Coffee House 'Central Perk' but then became a clothes seller person. Monica and Rachel were best friends in high school. She celebrates her birthday on May 18th. She graduated high school in 1987.

Jennifer Aniston

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