Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe is a very ditzy character. She often is the cause of strange looks and shrugs by the others. Phoebe left home very early in life after her mother committed suicide. She then moved to the city and her male roommate committed suicide as well. Phoebe came together when she got involved in aroma-therapy. She got a job as a masseuse. She was Monica's roommate for awhile but then after Monica got on her nerves, Phoebe secretly moved to her grandmother's house.

She sings a lot at Central Perk-usually about death and sometimes uses her spirituality to read the thoughts of people. A few seasons ago she was inhabited by the spirit of an old woman who died on her massage table. She also has a friend who was reincarnated as a pencil.

Phoebe has a twin sister but they do not get along. Her sister, Ursula, works as a waitress-she is also very ditzy-at Riff's, a restaurant on the recently ended show "Mad About You."

Phoebe's birthday is on February 16th.

Lisa Kudrow

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