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Matthew Perry was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts but then moved and was raised in Ottawa, Ontario. After his parents divorced, he got his first taste of acting in a seventh grade play. He remembers "After I got my first laugh, I was hooked."

He was an avid tennis player and was top-ranked in Canada in the junior division. After moving to Los Angeles to live with his father, John Bennett Perry, Matthew bacame even more interested in acting.

Matthew Perry intended to enroll at the University of Southern California when graduating from high school but was offered a leading role of the television series "Boys Will Be Boys." Other TV credits of his include regular roles on "Home Free," and "Sydney." He also had a recurring role on "Growing Pains." He has made roles as a guest-star on series like "Who's the Boss?," "The Tracy Ullman Show," "Empty nest," "The John Laroquette Show," and "Beverly Hills 90210."

His TV movies include "Call Me Anna," "Deadly Relations," and "Dance Til' Dawn." His feature films are "A Night In The Life Of Jimmy Reardon," "She's Out of Control," "Parallel Lives," "Fools Rush In," and "Almost Heroes" with the late Chris Farley. His next movie is called "Three To Tango," and co-stars Po5's Neve Campell.

In addition to acting, Matthew likes to write. He sold his first pilot "Maxwell's House," to Universal Television before being cast on "Friends." He also likes softball and ice hockey. Matthew has signed to produce-not star in-a sitcom for ABC called "The Shrink."

Currently, Matthew Perry lives in Los Angeles. His birthday is August 19.

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