Monica Geller

Monica is Ross' sister. She was a cook at a very nice restaurant but she was fired. She rents an apartment, which she shares with Rachel, where most of the show's action is. When you look at her past job(s), it is surprising that she has such a nice apartment.

Her mother always makes cracks at her about marriage. She has dated numerous men in the show but keeps getting bad luck with them. If she likes them, they turn out to be geeks but if she doesn't like them the rest of the gang does. She once dated Dr. Richard Burke (Tom Selleck), her father's best friend. Then she dated Dr. Burke's son. They really liked each other but when they kissed, it reminded Monica of 'you know who!!".

Now, Monica is involved in a very serious relationship with a somewhat witty character...who else but Chandler Bing!!!!!

Monica likes things VERY clean and the others tend to find her a bit bossy. Monica's birthdate is unknown but is sometime in late '68.

Courteney Cox

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