Magnadoodle Writings
By Chandler & Joey

Episode Title

Writing on Magnadoodle Board

TOW The Cat "Thanks for all your stuff"
TOW Chandler Crosses The Line "I Love You Man"
"Clean up duck feathers in hallway - Treager"
TOW Chandler in a Box "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry..."
TOW Rachel's Crush "Have you seen our VIEW?"
TOW All The Rugby "Nice Nails Chandler!"
TOW The Fake Party "Joey eats little V~~~~~"
"Emily... Bon Voy See ya!"
TOW The Free Porn "Clean Bathroom"
"Knock Knock... Who's There... PORN!"
TOW All The Haste "What's up? Bro?"
TOW All The Wedding Dresses "Get Out"
TOW The Worst Best Man Ever "Another one bites the dust"
TOW Phoebe Hates PBS "I'll get you Evil Genius
"Evil Joe"


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Used with permission from
The Almost Official Friends Page