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A Tribute to Chandler and Monica
The Friends Experience
British Friends
The Almost Official Friends Site
This is by far, one of the best Friends sites on the web! Episode guides, pictures, links, downloads, magnadoodle stuff, Ross & Rachel and so much more! Check it out!!
The Unofficial Friends Webpage
A fairly good Friends site.
Friends Newsletters
The coolest Friends club on the web!!!
Friends French Fan Club (English & French!)
Biographies, pictures, articles
Emma's Friends Shrine
A shrine to the best TV show since...since...since ever!!!!
Arthur's Friends Quotes
Favourite quotes & TV Clips from each episode. Updated Weekly
All About TV Friends
Weekly trivia, realaudio soundclips, episode guide, quotes, pictures, songbook
Central Perk Homepage
Named after that hip café!
Complete Friends Page
Articles, bios, links, interviews, pictures, scripts, screensavers, soundclips, videoclips
Friends Place
bios, pictures, scripts, screensavers, logos
Everything You Need To Know About Friends
Friends World
All the things you will want to know about the Friends
Shortie's FRIENDS Site
A great site about Friends!! Check it out!!
Aurélie's page about FRIENDS
A good Friends site with a French side too!
Cody's F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fan Page
A ok site with 2 pics.
Beeper's Friends
Includes weekly episode reviews,polls, magazine articles and covers, trivia,and more!

This is the BEST Scream site The site features info on the whole Scream Trilogy and has a fan-fiction section for Scream 4. Also on this site are Scary Movie sections and it also has stuff about the Stab Trilogy!!! This is a 5-star site!!!!
Amy & Kati's Movie Page
A page about early movies and actors, the Oscars and all your favorite movies!!!!
The Official Site For HalloweeN!
The Official site for the 7 HalloweeN films. Has news on the stars, sounds, pictures, and info on all the movies. A really cool site!!
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Oasis Club
A great Oasis site with stuff on Friends as well!
ET Online
The best Entertainment News show.....on the web!!!
Build your homepage here. You get lots of MB of FREE SPACE!!! WooHoo!
Lordsponge Presents
Lots of great jokes, a couple of great picture galleries, a bunch of stuff on friends and a little bit of information on the X-files, frequently updated.
Dawson's Creek Unofficial Homepage
Cast/show info, pictures and lots more cool stuff on this awesome show!!
A page about HalloweeN I, H20, SCREAM 1, 2 & 3. Sounds, downloads, pictures, character info and more! No longer updated.
Upcoming Films by CORONA
My favourite! A page where you can find all the "inside scoop" on films in the works, down the drain, or on their way to theatres! Some films include Twister 2, ID4 2, Star Wars Episodes 2 & 3 and more!! Usually updated daily.
Movie Trailers Database
This page not only has a whole bunch of movie trailers but also release dates for Movies, Books, CDs, Games and also has Current Entertainment news

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