Joey Tribbiani

The character of Joseph Tribbiani is played by Matt LeBlanc. Joey is an actor who does not usually get very good roles. They include Pinocchio in a kid's production and Sigmund Freud in a musical of Freud's life. He was the poster boy for VD. His weirdest role was playing Al Pacino's butt double (which he messed up) in a movie. His biggest break was playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on the daytime soap "Days of Our Lives." He also recently was in a movie with Charlton Heston, and used his shower!! He had a very tiny role in "Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhatten,"
co-starring with Marcel. He's pronounced dead by Jean Claude Van Damne and covered with a body bag. After he was fired from the soap, he got a job teaching young actors how to be soap stars.
Joey is a womanizer. He dates women for one-night stands etc. he dated Erika, an insane 'stalker' (played by Brooke Sheilds) who thought Joey was actually Dr. Drake Ramoray-his character from 'Days.' Joey lives across the hall from Monica and Rachel with Chandler. His birthday is unknown.

Matt LeBlanc Biography

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