Season 5!!!(Finally!)

98/99 Season Premiere!)

Ross deals with the horrible mistake Emily, his whole family, and all the friends heard him say-he said Rachel's name instead of Emily's during the 'I do's.' Monica and Chandler decide to end their relationship and say it was just a 'London thing'. Once back home, they break the vow and blah, blah, blah. Rachel has no idea what to say to Ross after all, he said her name at his wedding! She has a horrible time deciding to ask whether or not the 'wedding thing' meant anything. On her way home, Rachel sees Ross at the airport and tells him to just go on the honeymoon without Emily because it would be good for him. Ross then invites Rachel along but as they're boarding Ross realizes he forgot his jacket so tells Rachel he'll catch up. When he goes back for his jacket, Emily is standing there shocked that he's going with Rachel. She runs away and Ross runs after her leaving Rachel on the plane going on their honeymoon!


Ross tries for a week to find Emily to apologize but with no luck, decides to return home to the Big Apple. Rachel comes home from her 'trip' assuring Ross the she had a great time and there is no need for him to apologize for leaving her on the plane but steams up when he leaves. Rachel decides to allow Monica to make all furthur 'guy decisions' for her. Rachel asks Monica to allow her to tell Ross why she went to London(which was to say 'I love you'), but Monica urges her not to. Chandler and Monica have decided to continue the relationship they began in London but only as long as they keep it a secret. When Chandler accidentally kisses Monica good-bye in front of the group, he kisses Phoebe and Rachel to cover it up claiming it's a thing he picked up overseas. Phoebe starts feeling left out because when the gang continuosly refers to their trip to London, so she say "Hey! Let's plan a trip to Atlantic City!" They never make it, however, because Phoebe suddenly goes into labour a month before the due date.

(100th Episode!)

Ross desperatly tries to reach Frank and Alice when Phoebe goes into labor. Phoebe's usual doctor is away on vacation, so Dr.Kimmel fills in. He really starts to scare the gang because he is a real Fonzie fan and can't stop talking about him. Phoebe allows Joey to video tape, until he starts getting horrible stomach pains, which turn out to be kidney stones. Rachel meets two very cute male nurses, and agrees to meet them for a lunch date with Monica. Rachel invites Monica in front of Chandler, and Monica doesn't know what to say as an excuse. Monica asks her nurse guy on a second date, so she and Chandler are forced to define their relationship. Phoebe has a smooth delivery. She delivers a boy, and two girls, one she names Chandler. Phoebe loves the experience of motherhood and secretly tells Rachel that she'd like to keep one. Rachel subtly finds out if Frank wants all of the babies but he says yes. Phoebe understands.


Monica was seductively waiting in her bedroom for Chandler, when Rachel walks in. Monica makes up an excuse that she's seeing this guy from work. She then tells Rachel this new guy is the best she's ever had, and Chandler gets a little overproud when her overhears this. Ross finally reaches Emily over the phone and they begin to work things out. After a bit of chit-chat, Emily agrees to come over to live in New York but only if Ross promises not to see Rachel ever again. Ross actually agrees to this(though not too thrilled). Joey becomes a part of a PBS pledge drive, thinking that he's the host.It turns out that he's only one of those phone-answering people...persons. He is also disappointed that he's not even on the camera. It is then that Phoebe reveals how much she hates the PBS network. She explained to the gang that the reason for all the hatred is because she sent a letter to Sesame Street after her mom died. She never got an answer back. Joey and Phoebe get into a big kafuffle(arguement) about whether there actually are truly self-less good deeds. Phoebe is very determined to find one.


Chandler and Monica, tired of being so secretive, make up different stories to leave town and then go away for a nice, romantic, weekend together-which it turns out to be the exact opposite. They end up fighting because Monica being Monica cannot get comfy with every room they try. After being through like a billion rooms, Chandler makes the big mistake of calling her mom. Chandler is then afraid the relationship would be over.Ross has a hard time trying to tell Rachel he can't see her anymore. When he finally blurts it out, Rachel doesn't take it well at all, unless you'd call 'well' storming out of your own apartment and slamming the door behind you.The real reason Rachel does not want to let go of Ross is because she does not want to be left out of the group like Chandler's old roomate, Kip. Joey hears a few similarities between Chandler and Monica's 'separate' outings but now knows a bit too much including a secret relationship between the two. Chandler and Monica make him keep it a secret.


Joey keeps Monica and Chandler's romance a secret but really does not like it. Phoebe gets a mink coat as a family heirloom. She planned to cremate the coat(she's against fur) until she sees herself wearing it in the mirror. Ross sells everything and moves to a new apartment for Emily. She wants him to start out fresh. Emily's demands become a bit too much for Ross so he tells her that she had to trust him or the relationship won't work and would end. Emily says to Ross over the phone that she cannot trust him. Monica and Rachel get the heebie-jeebies scared out of them when they go into a dark storage froom and see a hariy man in there. The 'Yeti' turns out to be Danny, who is a new tenant in their building. Rachel and Danny don't really get along but end up going out for pizza together. Ugly Naked Guy is back.


Ross is booted out of the apartment he and Emily were to live in so he moves in with Joey and Chandler. Ross begins to get on their nerves so Chandler and Joey tell him to find a new place, despite the size. Their guilt gets the better of them and they arrange for Ross' application to be rejected by the apartment guy. Phoebe meets Larry, a Health Inspector, at Monica's restaurant. At first, Phoebe likes his power over being able to just places down but then begins to get ticked when they start running out of places to eat.


After 'the best Thanksgiving Dinner ever!'(according to the gang) everyone tells stories about their worst Thanksgivings ever. In a bunch of flashbacks, we see Chandler at the dinner table when his parents get divorced (1978), Phoebe losing an arm (2x) in prior lives (1862 & 1915), Joey with a turkey stuck on his head(1992), Kooky Chandler hurting fat Monica's feelings (1987), and Chandler losing his toe when Monica accidentally cuts if off with a really big kitchen knife(1988).
***This was a great and funny episode!!!!***


Jpey looks bad when the gang finds underwear in Monica's sofa, a lady's razor in his shower, candlelight and videocamera, and a nude polaroid(of Monica). He threatens to tell everyone the truth about the pair unless Chandler and Monica can think of a good story to make him look good. They don't think of one and Joey makes up the story that he slept with Monica in London and has been with her ever since. Phoebe joins a literature class and Rachel likes the idea so joins. Rachel, however, does not read the books and looks to Phoebe for the answers. When Rachel starts stealing all her ideas in class, Phoebe gives Rachel some 'incorrect' information about the next novel. The workers at the museum notice Ross' rage when someone steals his sandwich from the work fridge. After yelling at his boss, yelling at his psychiatrist and scaring the poop out of his co-workers, Ross gets put on tranquilizers.


Joeys gets some help from a very bored Ross(who is out of work for awhile) in writing a movie. Ross wants Joey to work, work, work, but Chandler wants Joey to play, play, play!! Things get all weird and Ross tells Chandler that Joey had no time for 'Fireball' if he wants to finish his movie. While collecting Christmas donations for the poor in a bucket, Phoebe starts getting some unwanted collections in the bucket. Angry at the people, she starts getting tough and scaring people away. Danny and Rachel finally go on a date-arranged by Monica. Thing go great until Rachel sees that Danny has an unusually close relationship with his sister Krista.


With Monica & Chandler wanting to kiss at midnight for New Years, Joey tells the gang they have to kiss someone to ring in 1999. Ross kisses Phoebe, Rachel, Joey and well Monica and Chandler kiss each other-duh! The whole gang makes New Years resolutions: Ross chooses to do one new thing everyday for the year, Chandler will stop putting-down his friends-at least for a week(He bet Ross he could), Rachel will not gossip about anything, Joey will take up the guitar-being taught by Phoebe, Monica will take lots of pictures of the gang together for memories and Phoebe will pilot a commercial jet. While Ross is on a date with a new girl he met at Central Perk(Elizabeth Hornswoggle) his new thing for the day which is a pair of leather pants get so hot and tight that he can't pull them back up after taking them off in Elizabeth's bathroom to cool off. When Ross calls Joey for advice, he's told to first, put powder on his legs, then lotion but the pants still won't come on. Rachel comes into Joeys apartment so he hangs up. Rachel had heard Chandler and Monica 'talking' over the phone so now knows about the two and is dying to talk to someone. When Phoebe starts teaching Joey guitar, she says she does not know the actual chord names but calls them by the way her hand looks whil doing the chord. Chandler loses his bet to Ross.


Rachel wants to learn more about Chandler and Monica's secret relationship so confronts her but Monica makes up some lame excuses to cover it up. Ross finds out that Emily is getting married again. He leaves for a night on the town and ends up with Janice(OMIGAWD!). Their relationship is going great but soon Janice can't stand Ross' constant whining. Ross is shocked by this-->Janice says he whines too much!!! Chandler takes Monica to a work gathering, and Monica learns that Chandler is very different in the way he acts at work. He is a plain and simple butt-kisser. Joey and Phoebe have races between the two birds.


Monica gives Chandler a massage but he hates it. He does not want to tell her her massages hurt a lot. Monica has a hard time accepting that when it blurts out. Joey auditions for a part in a play and Rachel outfits him at Bloomingdales. One part if the clothing ensemble is a "mans bag." This bag looks a lot like a purse, and costs Joey the part in the play. Phoebe's grandmother dies and Ursula, who already thought her to be dead skips out on the memorial service. Phoebe's father however, does show up at the memorial. Phoebe arranges to meet him, not revealing who she is until a bit later.


Ross decides to try to get Ugly Naked Guys apartment when he moves. The competition for the apartment is tough but Ross gives himself an edge with his next action. While at Ugly Naked Guys apartment with Rachel, and with Ross out of the room, Phoebe sees Monica & Chandler "doing it" in Monica'a place. Rachel and Phoebe decide to have some fun with this and play some practical jokes on the couple. Phoebe hits on Chandler and when Monica figures out that she knows, she tells Chandler to play along. Eventually everyone, except Ross, finds out about Chandler & Monica. Ross finds out at his apartment and thus...the return of his rage problem. **This is a very funny episode!!**


This episode continues from last week with Ross confronting Chandler about his thing with Monica. Chandler messes up when he gets freaked out about the idea of a lasting commitment. Angry Monica tells Chandler he'll have to figure this problem out without her help. Chandler does not know who to fix the mess so proposes to Monica-who does not accept. Joey dates a little, cute woman named Katie. She turns out not to be so cute when she continuosly punches Joey's arm. Joey hates this but is afraid to break up with her. Katie however, punches Rachel with leads to her punching back and eventually kicking Katie. Katie them threatens to leave if Joey does not take her side-which he doesn't. Ross moves into his new apartment and the president of the tenant's committee asks him to donate $100 to the retiring handyman's gift. Ross declines because he never met the handyman. This ruins his relationship with the whole building and the now don't like him. Things just get worse when Phoebe trys to help out.


Joey dreams that Monica is his girlfriend and thinks he's in love with her but she then tells him that he just wants a close relationship. Monica then tells him she is so close with Chandler probably becuase they were friends first. Joey wants this so hits on Rachel because he saw her first. At Central Perk, Phoebe finds a police badge under her seat cushion. She starts having fun with his until she runs into a police officer. The two play out a little 'NYPD Blue' scene and eventually she gives the badge back by dropping it and running away. The policeman tracks her down and asks her out on a date. She accepts. Ross buys a new couch but with the help of Rachel and Chandler can't get it up the stairs (There is no elevator). The couch eventually breaks in half.


The rest of SEASON 5 to come soon!