Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing is played by Matthew Perry. Chandler is a data processor. He does not really care about his job. Many women in college and at his work thought he was gay. So did Mr. Heckle-the grouchy neighbour that used to live downstairs. He has a very hard time asking out women and also has a hard time breaking up with them too. He seems to always get stuck with the annoying Janice. He is currently in a relationship with Monica. They kept it a secret since the Season Finale/Premiere, but everyone knows now.
His mom (played by Morgan Fairchild) writes romance novels and embarasses him a lot. Chandler used to smoke. He lives with Joey across the hall from Monica and Rachel. I am not sure of Chandler's age, but do know that he is close to the same age as Ross because they went to college together. He graduated in 1989.

Matthew Perry Biography

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